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Al Sapienza's Demo Reel

Mikey Palmice gets clipped on The Sopranos aka why Al Sapienza only jogs now with a bullet proof vest

Reading of "On the Waterfront" from

"Death by Script" from The Washington Post

Al Sapienza in Variety magazine, a review of the theatrical play "Susan and God"

James Gandolfini: The Beautiful Man Who Arranged My Execution Uncle Junior's enforcer reflects on Tony Soprano

Al Sapienza in TV Guide

An interview with Al Sapienza from The Star Scoop!

The Official Web Site of Al Sapienza - Star Ledger

Al Sapienza in Raine Magazine

Toronto 's Dirty Dancing Finds Its Baby and Johnny; Full Cast Announced ~ Playbill

New York Times ~ Release of 13 Episodes Redefines Spoiler Alert

Al Sapienza in The New York Times

THE SOPRANOS’ Al Sapienza Takes Political Stance

Everyone is talking about Al Sapienza

From the Mac Wire ~ BADABING! Big Pussy's New Rat Pack Revue Is A "Hit"!

MTV Tunes Up Musical From 'HSM' Producers

Al Sapienza in The Hollywood Reporter

Photos, including headshots of AL Sapienza

An Evening with Al Sapienza from FutuRéale Magazine

Uncle Junior sings to Fox News

'House of Cards' star Al Sapienza: an unsung player in great television

Cast announced for High School Musical movie

Contact Al Sapienza

Comedy @ Al's

C Magazine ~ A Conversation

Chances are you know Al Sapienza! Tampa Bay's Cigar City Magazine

From Broadway World - MTV Develops 'The American Mall' Original Musical

"Cast announced for 'Dirty Dancing'"

Al Sapiena in the broadway production of Beatlemania

Backstage Magazine

AL Sapienza speaks to Mark Peikert from Backstage Magazine

Trailer for the film "American Mall" Featuring Al Sapienza

The trailer from Devil's Highway

Video from the movie, "Bomb the System"

Al Sapienza's character Mikey Palmice throws Rusty Irish off the brisge over the Paterson Falls



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