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In September 2003 Al Sapienza, Paul Sorvino, Billy Baldwin and Valerie Harper traveled to the New Jersey Statehouse to encourage the State of New Jersey to welcome film production crews to consider making the Garden State Hollywood East.


Photo credit: Sue Sadik

Al at the lecturn in from the the Statehouse in Trenton, NJ. Billy Baldwin is to his right (blue shirt)





Photo credit: Sue Sadik


From The New York Times

Published September 28, 2003

WORTH NOTING; Everybody Wants To Get Into the Act


Published: September 28, 2003

In the decades since ''Trenton Makes the World Takes'' has evolved from a declaration of civic pride to a reminder of urban decline, officials in New Jersey have been searching for a new export and new identity. The latest slogan being auditioned by Trenton boosters is drumroll, please: Hollywood East?

The cinematic groundswell began last year, when Manex Entertainment proposed building a special effects studio near Sovereign Bank Arena. Homegrown stars like Al Sapienza, famous for his role on The Sopranos, were trotted out to lend support. Earlier this month Governor McGreevey signed into law the Film Production Assistance Program, a package of tax and loan incentives intended to lure film business to the state.

Watch out, Tinseltown. Trenton is nipping at your heels.

Are Californians concerned that people may confuse the two capitals? Would they consider renaming Hollywood Trenton West?

''Oh lord, no,'' Johnny Grant, the 80-year-old honorary mayor of Hollywood , said with a chuckle.

Then Mr. Grant, who remembered visiting Trenton as a G.I., went one better. ''Is Trenton still alive?'' he asked. ''I thought Trenton went out of business.''

- Jessica Bruder


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